• The myth around cosmetic dentistry is growing at a rapid pace, especially due to the excessive advertisements and campaigns on the media. You may think the cosmetic dentist is a magician who can transform you into a beautiful angel with great smiles and a perfect set of teeth overnight. While the end results are true, the procedures are not as magical as they are made up. They require in-depth diagnosis, analysis, consultations, and weighing of pros and cons associated with each procedure.

    Dental Implants – What to do Before

    Oral care before dental implants is a simple, yet misunderstood procedure. You need to keep your teeth, gums, and tongue hygienic. We can give you the most advanced solutions for keeping away from probable infections and disorders.

    Foods and Beverages: It is a good practice to avoid or reduce meat and poultry during the days before the planned cosmetic dentistry. Keep away from tobacco, alcohol and other soda-based beverages as they can take away the enamel and cause discoloration to increase rapidly. Eating plenty of fruits and green veggies are good for your health and teeth fitness. They will also keep your breath fresh and oxygenated.

    The other benefit is the strengthening of root canals, jaw-line, facial muscles, and jaw bones. The pain during dental implants procedure and the after effects will be significantly low when your food habits are healthy and hygiene.

    Oral Hygiene: Clean your teeth with the dentist recommended toothpaste. We know the exact nature of your teeth and the probable risks they have to face during the pre-dentistry days.

    Cosmetic Dentistry – Procedures

    Our cosmetic dentistry procedures can treat all the problems associated with your jaw, teeth, gums, and the tissues and muscles around the upper and lower parts of the jaw. Wisdom teeth removal, implant bridge installation, veneers, urgent dental care, and complete oral health care are some of the specialty services we offer.

    All-On-6: It is a method we follow for dental implants when most of the teeth are damaged or lost. We can perform the implants on a single jaw or both the jaws. The All-on-6 gives you six natural looking teeth at the front section of your jaw. It is the part which is most prominently visible when you smile. It is a quick fix procedure which works wonderfully for the rest of your life. You can start eating your favored foods and consuming the beverages without any hesitation.

    Cosmetic Dentist –What to do after

    You may feel irritation and experience swelling after the implants procedures. The implant bridge will obviously take some time to set and get conditioned with the surrounding tissues, bones, and muscles. As the leading cosmetic dentist Los Angeles, we can provide you with the best medications and dental care procedures to prevent any sort of negative side effects.

    All-On-4 – Aesthetics for Better Smile

    Our  Delta dentists have the experience and expertise to enhance the facial aesthetics at the micro, mini, and macro level with the best All-on-4 cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

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